Party Food — Meatballs

GFS Meatballs and Sauce

GFS Pre-Cooked Meatballs (#869929)
Our meatballs are fully cooked, just heat and serve. All beef, no pork or chicken. No MSG, no preservatives, no bread crumbs. Approximately 140 to 160 meatballs per 5 lb. bag, perfect for any size party.

Pair these up with any of our delicious sauces to create a new favorite party dish:

  • Sweet & Sour (#219096)
    A delicious combination of pineapple, diced tomatoes, green peppers, and sliced onion in a zesty sauce. Great over grilled ham slices, chicken, pork or shrimp.
  • Sweet & Savory (#563390)
    Sweet, concentrated grape flavored sauce, complimented with savory tomato and chili seasonings. Also great on cocktail franks, chicken, or pork chops.
  • Swedish (#219118)
    A traditional sauce with a made-from-scratch flavor and appearance. Made with rich beef gravy and real sour cream. An excellent sauce for beef roasts, sirloin tips & noodles, beef strips, chicken breasts, pork chops, rice, or pasta.
  • GFS Traditional Barbecue Sauce (#734152)
    A smoky and tangy BBQ sauce that compliments a variety of meat with its unique taste. Great as a marinade, as a dip with chicken nuggets or wings, and a sauce.

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